The Braves and the old men were away hunting. A white prospector riding a donkey, and leading another, came
into view. He quickly sized up the situation. Frozen to the spot, I watched in horror as he both raped and murdered my
mother. He was about to turn his attention to the other squaws when the Braves returned.

Cyndi had said a few moments earlier that she had ‘seen’ me running away from something.
She was right and I did just that as the white man started panicking and shooting. I was his second victim and died instantly,
shot in the back. Seconds later a well-placed arrow disabled him. The braves made sure that his death was a very slow and
painful one. As if enough was not enough I was to see this execution, as within seconds I had returned to the scene, in
spirit form. I had begun to calm down and rapidly time traveled forward to the present day. And there was the prospector
in spirit form, right in front of me. He knew who I was, and prompted by Cyndi I offered him my forgiveness.

End of the story? - No! I realised then that there was a duty to perform. One I have enacted before on quite a few occasions
in this lifetime. I spoke to him again. "My friend you are not supposed to be here. You are earthbound. A ghost if you prefer
that description". Right on cue my spirit guides opened a portal into the next dimension and, as is usual in these cases, he ran
through, over the bridge, and into the arms of his waiting relatives, friends, teachers and guides.

Cyndi propelled me towards the edge of a cliff to "chill" whilst she returned to the
bus to explain, no doubt, to our spiritual fellow travelers and friends what had happened. I sat on the edge of the cliff and
chilled as ordered. And I was looking down into a small canyon. So was it the same one? well....

The energy I felt whilst in Arizona was amazing and of course the two events described above
combined to make it the visit of a lifetime. I am deeply grateful to my splendid friends
Cyndi and Don, such wonderful hosts. My feet did not touch the ground the whole
time I was there. Everyday we left Sedona (Americas Glastonbury/Totness) to investigate in just ten days at least half of Arizona.

I return in November to ‘do’ the other half.

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