I have been healing since 1980 and have been specialising in Past Life Healing since 1990.

Major events in a persons present and past lives are stored in the soul. From time to time the soul, when it feels that the person has learned the lesson contained within a particular core memory, releases it and it harmlessly leaves the body. However, occasionally, it can rise up into the subconscious or become ensnared in a Chakra or elsewhere in the physical body where they can directly affect a persons way of being. The trapped memories can cause a number of reactions such as unreasoned thoughts, emotions, fears; an obsession or depression to name but a few.

I use my ability to ‘see’ most of a persons past lives and employing Spiritual Healing, these memories can be cleared. The results can vary from an improvement in a persons way of being through to a life changing exercise. However, this is not a regression technique. Nobody, I believe, should be made to re-live what may have been any number of horrendous past life events.

Then again it has to be said that 2% to 3% of people do auto-regress during healing.

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