A Walk In The Clouds Record Cover - Due 2009

**Review/Sleeve notes by Cyndi Wallace. 06/06.06**

I listened to the CD last night and it was so brilliantly done.
I really feel this, and any other CD these two people
might record will, hopefully, help a lot of people.

There is an underlying healing within this CD.
It’s very subtle, but vital to the listener.
Andrew has a gift with his voice, almost hypnotic.
It really does take you on a journey.
Kel’s composition forms a beautiful angle to the
gently spoken words. They compliment each other perfectly.

The words themselves were beautiful and Andy
took his time with the narration. The thoughts and ideas that
popped into my head in the ‘silences’ between sentences
echoed what Andrew actually said.

Both Andy and Kel are indeed very pure souls right here
on the earth plane. I loved the music AND,
for the very first time, someone was finally HONEST about
the Earths condition. There is a section where Andrew briefly
addresses the environmental problem facing
the human race.

Using your armchair as a starting point it takes you on an
incredible journey, first to the Space Between Galaxies
then onward across the universe till you reach... well like all
good critics I am not going to give away the end but prepare
yourself for a wondrous conclusion. Finally, he brings you
back to your armchair which, I assure you will feel a whole lot
different from when you left it an hour before.

Track two is the music track only with added instrumentation
so without leaving your aforementioned armchair
you can set off on another journey of your own making.

This is by far the very best CD I have heard in a long time.

Andrew Reeve has been a spiritual healer since the early eighties and specialising in Past Life Healing 10 years later. He has been in and out of the music business all his life and is currently Chair of Aardvark Music Limited a UK based Indie record company.

Space Between Galaxies Record Cover