Buildings Picture

Walls have ears and memories

Does your home have a bad atmosphere?

Perhaps it is on the market and just will not sell?

Is your home rather a depressing or unhappy place to be?
Alternatively, are you experiencing difficulties in selling
your house? There may be reasons for the latter, but,
I wonder, have you considered Place Memories?

There is a body of belief that believes buildings can record
events that occur within, which, in turn, can create an "atmosphere".
With selling in mind you may have conducted a prospective purchaser
around your property who exits with the comment, "this house
has a nice feel to it". Alternatively, they may depart bearing the
expression of one who has just experienced a particularly gruelling
visit to the dentist. It must be particularly galling, if, say you have a
fairly new property where everything is right but it just won’t sell.

In addition buildings may contain a "presence" or two. The presences
are earthbound souls. They can cause havoc and need to be shown
the way out. Negative energies can also result from corrupted ley
lines or mining under or near the house. In a recent case the laying of
gas mains in the road outside a property resulted in the
build up of negative energies within the house itself.

A remedy is at hand. The majority of properties that I have
been asked to deal with have been successfully cleared. The energy
replaced with more positive energies. The result – a happy household
and/or the hoped for sale.