It is known that people can be struck by particles of parasitical presences. (Entities). These presences can have some measure of consciousness of their own. They absorb physical energy leaving the host tired and irritable and again can change a persons way of being. These presences can be cleared.

Those that would control others can connect themselves by a pshycic umbilical cord to those that they seek to control (and steal their energy). In most cases these links can be cut.

Most of the above healing procedures can be carried out over the phone.

Spiritual Healing as an aid to help conquer any physical ailments is available.

My fee for the first session is £30 or £20 for unwaged.
Thereafter, further sessions are recommended to deal with anymore surfacing past life memories. Also to continue with the full restoration of energy balancing within the physical body and deal with any other problems which may appear.

I live in the Celtic country of Cornwall and I am constantly inspired by its energy, ancient stone circles and sites.

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